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(Every donation of Rs. 500 or above to LLF, India is eligible for  50% tax exemption under Section 80 G of the Indian Income Tax)

About Let Live Foundation
LLF is continuously working hard to aware the downtrodden, the destitute, the common people about their right and responsibilities those are essential for all human and also enshrined in our constitution, separating humanity from animals, for years together.LLF has organized numerous programs, cities, awareness camps, communal harmony programs, conventions, blood donation camps Besides Sport Festivals for children of downtrodden living in slums, villages & cities, at regular intervals, which created awareness and benefitted more than 2 lakh people across India and efforts are still going –on and on through our organization’s members ,activists and volunteers across the nation.


Our Objective
  1. To provide guidance, counseling, and information for families and women to prevent unsafe abortions and illegel transfer of children.
  2. To Provide shelter, legal help, emotional support, vocational training and facilitating social reintegration of unwed mothers and victim women.
  3. To Provide Excellent care, medical help and affection for relinquished children.
  4. To find suitable families for adoption, and place the children in good homes, providing them a bright future.