LLF is continuously working hard to aware the downtrodden, the destitute, the common people about their right and responsibilities those are essential for all human and also enshrined in our constitution, separating humanity from animals, for years together.LLF has organized numerous programs, cities, awareness camps, communal harmony programs, conventions, blood donation camps Besides Sport Festivals for children of downtrodden living in slums, villages & cities, at regular intervals, which created awareness and benefitted more than 2 lakh people across India and efforts are still going –on and on through our organization’s members ,activists and volunteers across the nation.

LLF has always been raising voice on every burning issue that impacts our daily via Social Justice, Global Warming, Human Rights, HIV Aida, Woman Empowerment, Health Day. Environment Day etc.With the overwhelming support of media and the masses from all walks of life, The Situation in the Northeastern part of the country demands special attention. Trafficking of woman and children in this reign cuts across the different states and extends beyond national boundaries, involving Bangladesh, Myanmar and other countries. “Woman and children from Assam are trafficking to various parts of the country such as Delhi, Mumbai, Haryana, Gujarat, etc and are exploited sexually or otherwise. The esteemed guests, Those will address the Convention are ministers and Bureaucrats not only to address the burning issue of human trafficking but also to send a strong message across the world, warning mankind to wake up and support education and opportunities for women & tell others about human trafficking. Professors, film actors, social NGOs, media and other guests shall also be the part of the convention.